Botox for Sweating

Botox for excess sweating

Excessive sweating is defined as hyperhidrosis and prevent the person to express herself/himself in social environments. Excess sweating in hands, arms and armpits leaves the person in a difficult situation due to wetness, smell and stain.

How does botox affect to sweat glands?

It inhibits the release of the material which provides secretion of sweating glands. For this reason, sweat is not secreted.

Isn’t it harmful to the body if the sweat is not secreted?

Botox is used only in the areas where excess sweating occurs.

Does the procedure cause pain?

In the procedures carried out under armpit, it is not necessary to use local anesthetic cream, however the cream prevents the pain in palms and foots.

How long does it affect?

Botox for sweating affects longer then face botox, it is 6 months on average.

Will sweating stop as soon as the medicine is applied?

The effect begins within one or two days, and best result is obtained within 2 weeks.

Can I go to work right after the operation?

Sure, the procedure takes 15 minutes and it is not necessary to get rest afterwards.