Terleme Botoksu
Botox for Sweating
Kaz Ayakları Botoksu
Botox for Crow’s Feet
Kaş Kaldırma Botoksu
Botox for Brow Lift
Alın Botoksu
Botox for Forehead
Dudak Botoksu
Botox for Lips
Migren Botoksu
Botox for Migraine
Botun Botoksu
Botox for Neck
Burun Botoksu
Botox for Nose


Botulinum Toxin, as known as botox, is the widest cosmetic procedure in the world. Actually, botox is the generic name of one of the used medicines.  In Turkey, there are two medicines in the market: Botox and Dysport. These medicines contain a toxin obtained from a bacterium called clostridium botulinum. This toxin disorders muscle-nerve transmission and prevents muscle contraction. When muscle contraction is prevented, wrinkles and lines decrease. Some examples of these lines are vertical lined in the middle of forehead, crow’s feet, horizontal lines one forehead, lines on the nasal septum and lines above the lips.

Frequently asked questions about botox

Can botox be applied to everyone?

Botox cannot be used in pregnant, nursing women and those who have muscle-nerve system disease. Some diseases and medicines should be evaluated. Except these cases, it is seen to be very safe for everyone.

Does it make any difference between Summer and Winter?

No, it doesn’t, but it is observed that its effect lasts shorter in summer.

I have migraine, can I benefit from botox?

Even though, reason of the migraine is not known yet, it has been observed that migraine attacks decrease in those who have botox. Therefore, some stimulating points have been determined and botox is applied to these points.

How long does it affect?

Effect period of botox and dysport vary depending on the patient and is 4 months on average depending on application time. It may be longer or shorter.

When does it start to affect?

After the medicine is administered, the effect begins within 2-3 days and it takes 10 days to obtain best result.

I had botox but I can lift my brows after 1,5 month?

Yes, it is possible, effect of the medicines is not fully or none. As the body renovate muscle-nerve transmission, effect of the medicine decreases. Meanly, effect of the medicine begins to decrease 2 weeks after the procedure, for example from 100%. For example, it may be 60% after 2 months.

How many times should I have botox in a year?

It is ideal to have botox 3 times a year to prevent muscle contraction and deep lines. More application is not recommended due to patient-specific effect.

Can I have more effect if I have botox regularly?

Over time, atrophy occurs in muscles, meanly they lose power, for this reason, it has been observed that regular application causes longer effect.

The medicine I had previously was purple. Why is this white?

There are two preparates currently used in Turkey. One of them botox and the other one is dysport.

To what should I pay attention after the procedure?

The most important point to be paid attention after the procedure is spreading of the medicine. It is aimed to affect only to the applied muscle, for this reason, it is necessary to avoid rubbing, massage, excessive hot environments and heavy sports.