Neck Lift

Neck line is the essential part to have a young and dynamic face, however, over years our neck skin may sag and cause wrinkles and lines. Actually, all of these changes occur when muscles in our skin lose their contraction ability and the skin loses elasticity. If fattening also occurs, it causes a look as if there is a second jaw in our face.

Neck lift, i.e. Platysmaplasty, is carried out to repair the muscle called platysma in our neck. Aim of this operation is to remove a part of the muscle and sagging skin, and to provide an aesthetic and smooth appearance.

During the operation, small incisions are made under the jaw, platisma muscle is reached through these incisions and placed in its area. For a younger and beautiful neck, excess fat and skin can be removed.

In the interview before the operation, anatomy and complaints of the patient are evaluated and the patient gets information about surgery expectations and post-op results. In some patients, results can be better when this operation is combined with whole and mid face lift. All of these details are determined after discussed with patient.

Average rest period is 1 week after platysmaplasty and the patient can return to social life. The operation can be carried out under local or general anesthesia and the patient is discharged on the same or next day. If you want to get information about neck lift in detail, you can contact us through the link below.