Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

Due to aging, excess skin or bagging may occur on upper and lower eyelids. This condition causes you to look old even after a good night sleep. It is possible to obtain a younger look by removing excess skin and bags. When the problems around the eyes are treated, eyes and surrounding tissues relieve and it helps to put make-up easily.

If both eyelids have problems, both of them can be corrected, if one of them has disorder, a separate correction can be applied. Eyelids should be examined before the operation and the decision should be taken accordingly. According to the procedure, it can be applied under local or general anesthesia. For single eyelid operations, local anesthesia is generally sufficient.

The operation takes 45 min-1 hour for upper eyelids and up to 2 hours for lower eyelids. Suture scars are hidden close to fold in upper eyelid and under the eyelashes in lower eyelid. Frequently, significant scar is not experienced.

After the operation, dressing and eye creams are applied. It is normal to have bruising and swelling. Bruising and swelling can be decreased with ice application. Generally, self-dissolved sutures are used but if they are not used sutures are removed after 1 week.

It is a personal operation with high satisfaction rate, and it is carried out with mid face aesthetics, forehead aesthetics, fat injection frequently. As it is personal, it has different risk rates. Before the operation, it is necessary to discuss the risks and make decision accordingly.